Huddersfield Digital 48 Sheet

Huddersfield Digital 48 Sheet

Impacts & Audience Demographics

1 week - 650,000 Impacts / Audience reach

2 week - 1.3 million Impacts / Audience reach

4 week - 2.6 million Impacts / Audience reach


Located on the exterior of Huddersfield's premier retail destination Kingsgate Shopping Centre, facing head on to a long unrestricted view of some of the busiest arterial routes in Yorkshire connecting Huddersfield to Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, is our iconic Digital 48 Sheet screen. The screen also faces onto one of the main pedestrian access routes to Kingsgate Shopping Centre entrance, The University of Huddersfield's main entrance as well as being in close proximity to the towns largest supermarket and nightlife hub.


Huddersfield is the main Town in the district of Kirklees which has a population of over 500,000+ with a demographic gender split of Huddersfield is 51% female and 49% male. Average age of Huddersfield population is 38, which is slightly lower than the UK average of 39. This can attributed to the popularity of the University of Huddersfield and the rising number of young professionals choosing to settle in the town.


The influence of the University of Huddersfield can also be seen on the towns social grade and prominent occupations, with 34.9% of the working population being employed in higher administrative, managerial or professional job roles. A further 30.8% operate at supervisory, clerical or associate professional level, and 19.4% work as skilled manual labour.


Technical Specification

Screen Size = 6 x 3 Metres (landscape)

Media Slot & Loop = 10 Second Slot in 60 Second loop

Media Display = Part Motion / Static

File Format = JPG, PNG

Screen Pixel = 8PX

NOTE: Copy on adverts must be 12px or above for legibility